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My first Choir class ever happened today.

I have never been in a choir in my entire musical career, but my aural skills professor recommended me to take Mens Glee this semester to help me with my sight-singing.

I arrived 5 minutes late, because I thought the class started an hour later, and I couldn’t find the room. I sneak into the back and join in with the warm ups. We sing a piece for most of the rehearsal.

Afterwards he asks all the new folk and people who have never sung in a choir before to join him at the piano to gauge our singing abilities. All together, at first, then by section, then by individual. 

After he hears me sing, he tells me I have a naturally talented bass voice and that he would like to have me in the top choir…

So now I’m in a choir thats performing Beethoven 9 in the Spring… Cool!

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